We know you might have some questions before your first visit. Check out the most frequently asked questions from our previous patients or questions we hear the most below. If you still have questions before your first visit feel free to call the team today!

What can I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit with us at Strathalbyn Chiropractic will include health history paperwork and a 40 minute consultation whereby a thorough history and examination is performed to assess and diagnose your condition. An appropriate treatment plan tailored to your specific needs will be provided, along with some treatment & home care advice. If further testing (Xray, Ultrasound, MRI) is required this will be referred for. Any questions you have regarding you condition and care will be answered in full by our caring Chiropractors. We welcome new patients to our practice!

How many treatments will I need?

The number of adjustments varies with each patient and their individual health goals. Many patients sense progress within a week to two weeks of frequent visits. Visits become less often as your spine stabilises. In chronic cases, complete healing can take months or even years.

How much does it cost/is it covered by private health insurance?

Adult $66, Pensioner/concession $60, Student $54, Child 5 years and under $48
Adult/pensioner/tertiary student $130, Student $110 and Child $100.
Payment must be made at the time of your visit.
For your convenience we accept EFTPOS and have TYRO which accepts most private health insurers. You may also claim on the spot for DVA or Medicare AHP schemes, with your GPs referral.

During an adjustment, what are the sounds that are made?

During a Chiropractic adjustment the two opposing surfaces of the joint are stretched. This creates a low pressure inside the joint. The low pressure allows gas bubbles to form inside the joint making a popping sound. Just like when you open a champagne bottle and get all the bubbles and pop! The sound is interesting, but it isn’t a guide to the quality or value of the adjustment. In fact in our clinic we use a variety of techniques, some of which may not make a sound at all, this may be the best technique for you, your Chiropractor will specifically tailor to your situation to get the best results.

If you think that one of our experienced & caring chiropractors may be of assistance with your spinal health concerns, give us a call, we are here to look after your health.

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