Back pain is something that affects 80% of adults at some point in their lives. It is also the number one reason for time taken off of work in Australia. These statistics make back pain a very serious problem. 25% of cases of acute low back pain will progress to chronic if left alone.

When our spine and joints are moving properly, the brain will receive sensory signals via the spinal cord about this position and movement. This is called mechanoreception and proprioception.

Common causes of back pain:

When the spine is damaged or injured in some way, causing it to be positioned incorrectly or to move abnormally, other signals are sent to the brain as a warning that something is wrong. These injuries can be sudden traumas like lifting injuries or smaller repetitive stresses like poor posture. The brain may respond by contracting muscles in the affected area, which can also become inflamed. These changes may give rise to back pain.

Diagnosis of back pain:

Chiropractors are highly trained to analyse the spine in the context of overall body function, and find the areas that are not functioning properly.

Once we’ve found what the problem is, we can put steps in place to improve the functional movement of spinal structures. This allows the body to restore a state of normal signals to the brain again once the warning signals are no longer required.

Chiropractic can help:

Recent studies have found Chiropractic care to be a very successful approach in dealing with back pain. A Canadian Commission found Chiropractic care to be very effective as well as cost effective. A 2009 consumer report surveyed 14,000 people and found that 88% of them found Chiropractic very helpful for their back pain. A 2009 Italian study also showed Chiropractic to provide better long term and short term outcomes than back school exercise programs.

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