As Chiropractors we always strive to provide the best care possible to our patients. However, even with our best efforts there has been a small percentage of back pain patients who traditional Chiropractic methods have not helped. Research findings show that 95% of spinal care costs are incurred by less than 25% of back pain patients. This group is the biggest challenge in practice. We have searched for solutions and it is this search that has led to us to employ Cox-Flexion Distraction Therapy into practice (along with other methods).

Many spinal symptoms result from functional problems (such as poor movement patterns, restricted joint motion, weak or poorly conditioned muscles, tight fascia, contracted muscles) associated with lifestyle patterns. These conditions respond well to correcting faulty movement patterns, freeing up stiff joints, conditioning muscles and stretching fascia. At Strathalbyn Chiropractic we address all these treatment options. However, these options do not address spinal issues where there is direct compression on the nerve such as in cases of disc protrusion or spinal stenosis.

What is Flexion Distraction Technique?

Cox Flexion Distraction Therapy is a technique developed by an American Chiropractor, Dr James Cox. Dr Cox has combined Chiropractic and Osteopathic principles and aligned these principles with scientific study. Dr Cox has been developing and researching spine treatments for over fifty years. His research has not only involved 100’s of case studies but significant University Government funded studies using cadavers to assess the effect of flexion distraction therapy on the spine.

The flexion-distraction table is one specifically designed to add gentle non-surgical decompression to the low back region. This form of therapy is commonly utilised when someone is diagnosed with a bulging disc or sciatic nerve pain. As chiropractors we pride ourselves in giving you options for conservative (nonsurgical) options for your spinal and nerve pain.

All of our Chiropractors here at Strathalbyn Chiropractic Centre are trained to utilise this very effective technique, give us a call if you think this method of conservative care might benefit you.