Sports Performance and Chiropractic:

For decades now, the world’s best athletes have utilised Chiropractic care purely as an opportunity to enhance their sporting performance.

From Michael Jordan to Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Valerie Adams, to Sonny Bill Williams, Usain Bolt and almost every single Major League Baseball and NBA Basketball team in the USA. The chief doctor in charge of all medical and health care staff for the USA Olympic Team at the 2016 Olympics was a Chiropractor.

Here at Strathalbyn Chiropractic after a thorough history and examination to assess your musculoskeletal complaint we tailor a specific treatment plan to aid in your pain or injury recovery. We utilise a variety of evidence-based methods from hands on spinal adjustments and soft tissue techniques to exercise prescription and home care advice for you to achieve your sporting performance goals.

Our team of Chiropractors have a range of experience with different sporting codes, with both children and adults.

Dr. Barnes is currently trainer for the Willunga Women’s Football team, supporting all three teams of amazing athletes to perform at their best every Sunday.

If you’re demanding that little bit extra from your body to ensure a stellar performance – no matter what the athletic endeavour is – book online or give us a call today!