Here at Strathalbyn Chiropractic neck pain is one of the most common reasons people seek care. During our extensive 40 x minute history and examination we seek to diagnose the cause on your pain & if a musculoskeletal cause is found we tailor an appropriate treatment plan to help. If X-Rays are required (approximately 20% ) we refer for bulk billing under the Medicare system to local radiology centres.  Treatment may include chiropractic adjustments to restore normal motion and function of the spinal facet joints, soft tissue therapies to surrounding tissues, ergonomic advice for work & exercise prescription to stretch or strengthen the surrounding tissues of the spine.

The cervical spine is frequently put under physical stressors and strains through modern technology, past injuries or whiplash, poor posture and sporting impact. Degenerative arthritis is also frequently a cause of neck pain and stiffness. A simple test can be just to turn your head side to side. If you can’t get your nose around to your shoulder, then your neck is losing its normal range of movement. If you’re finding that you often feel painful & stiff through the neck and shoulders book in to get a chiropractic evaluation of your cervical spine today.

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